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Ukraine: the democratic opposition wins, but President Viktor Yanukovych still keeps control on the national parliament

Posted in Ukraina by matteocazzulani on October 31, 2012

The United Opposition “Fatherland” decreases the gap from the pro-presidential Party of Regions, the second opposition UDAR party overcame the communists, and the “Freedom” party increased its votes. The Party of Regions’ win in the majoritarian colleges, and the electoral frauds, guaranteed the permanence of a pro-Yanukovych majority in the new Ukrainian parliament.

Kyiv – Because of pro-presidential Party of Regions frauds, and an unfair electoral law, the orange democratic forces in Ukraine obtained just a symbolic victory in Sunday’s Ukrainian parliamentary election.

After the count of the 98% of ballots by the Central Electoral Commission, the Party of Regions – which is politically supported by Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and sponsored by the main Ukrainian oligarchs – obtained the 31% of the votes.

The second Ukrainian political force is the United Opposition “Fatherland”, which has been voted by the 25%, whereas the second democratic opposition’s party UDAR has obtained the 13% of votes.

The same percentage as UDAR has been obtained by the communists: the Party of Regions’s allied in the ruling parliamentary coalition.

Moreover, the far-right wing “Freedom” Party, which signed a cooperation agreement with the United Opposition “Fatherland”, obtained the 10% of the votes.

Despite of the opposition’s victory in the proportional election, the majoritarian colleges’ result, by which is elected the 50% of new Ukrainian MP, ensures a strong majority to the Party of Regions in the new parliament.

According to the Central Commission, the Party of Regions won in 114 majoritarian colleges, whereas the United Opposition “Fatherland” just in 42.

Other majoritarian colleges have been won by the “Freedom” party – 11 – and the UDAR party – 5. Independent candidates won in 43 majoritarian colleges.

As confirmed by different sources, several independent candidates are financed by the Party of Regions.

For this reason, the so-called “indipendents” are going to support a pro-Presidential majority in next ukrainian parliament.

From the geographical point of view, the Party of Regions won in eastern and Southern oblasts, in the western Transcarpathian Region, in the autonomous Republic of Crimea, and in the town of Sebastopol.

The United Opposition “Fatherland” won in central and western Ukrainian regions, and obtained a strong majority in the capital Kyiv.

The “Freedom” party dominated in Galicia, and also won in an eastern Ukraine’s college for the first time in its history.

The opposition’s victory has also been limited by several frauds committed by the Party of Regions.

According to international observation mission’s press-notes, and several denunciations made by the orange democratic opposition’s parties, Yanukovych presidential administration used public money to support the Party of Regions.

Moreover, President Yanukovych’s party organized “electoral carrousels” to carry voters by bus casting their ballots in more than one poll station, and provided electoral campaign during the election day.

A confirmation to the Party of Regions’ frauds is due also to the affluence.

The majority of the 58% of voters casted their ballots in Galicia, Volynia and in the Ivano-Frankivsk region: the traditional democratic orange opposition’s strongholds.

At the same time, the lowest affluence has been registered in Odessa, in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, and in the town of Sebastopol, where the Party of Regions usually obtains a lot of votes.

Critics to the election have been expressed by the US State Secretary Hillary Clinton, who retained the consultation as a step ahead for the Ukrainian democracy.

Hillary Clinton underlined that the previous 2007 parliamentary election and the 2010 presidential election, led under the orange governments of Yulia Tymoshenko, were fair and free.

Moreover, Mrs Clinton also condemned the democratic orange opposition’s Leader Yulia Tymoshenko’s assence in the electoral consultation.

Yulia Tymoshenko has been jailed in 2011 because of the signature of gas supplies corrects retained by un unfair court as in contrast with the Ukrainian national interest.

Yulia Tymoshenko is one of the ten democratic orange opposition’s politicians who have been jailed or processed for political reasons since President Yanukovych took the power in 2010.

Matteo Cazzulani



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