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Ukraine: the first unofficial exit-pool and the fraud cases

Posted in Ukraina by matteocazzulani on October 28, 2012

The international observation mission, the United Opposition “Fatherland”, the UDAR party and the communists criticized the Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych ruling Party of Regions for frauds. The well informed Ukrayinska Pravda journal published the first un-official exit-pool

Kyiv – The electoral competition in Ukraine between vodka, wine and widow is still opened but the majority of the ukrainian political forces are already claiming for frauds.

According to an official press note by the international observation mission, during the election day have been registered several irregularities as electoral campaign promotions near pool stations and votes sold by people in change of money fixed by a photo taken in the pool cab secret.

Several political forces which are challenging in the Ukrainian parliament election accused of frauds the ruling Party of Regions, which is politically supported by Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych and financed by the most important Ukrainian oligarchs.

According to United Opposition “Fatherland” spokesman Mykola Martynenko, the Party of Regions organized the so called “carrousels”, in order to carry by bus a large number of electors casting their bailout in more than one pool station.

Other opposition party UDAR denounce a physical violation in Odessa on UDAR candidate Olha Herasmiuk, who was filming the Party of Region’s electoral “carrousels”.

Petro Symonenko, the communist party Secretary – which is a member of the majority coalition in the Ukrainian parliament with the Party of Regions – accused the President Viktor Yanukovych’s party for fraud in the Donetsk region.

Just the Party of Regions seems not to notice any case of irregularity. Ukrainian PM Mykola Azarov sentenced the election are going on in a quite and normal way thanks to the international observers’s presence in Ukrainian pool station.

In addition to fraud critics, the well informed Ukrayinska Pravda published a first unofficial exit-pool.

According to Mustafa Nayem blog on the UP, the Party of Regions – called as Vodka – will obtain a 32% of the votes, whereas the United Opposition “Fatherland” and the UDAR party – the wine and the widow – are to get respectively the 24% and 13%.

Following the Ukrayinska Pravda exit pools, to the Ukrainian parliament are going to enter also the communist party – the caviar according to UP allegory – and the far-right “Freedom” party – named the Lviv beer.

Matteo Cazzulani


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