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Ukraine: all political parties are sure about frauds during next Sunday’s Parliamentary Election

Posted in Ukraina by matteocazzulani on October 27, 2012

The United Opposition “Fatherland” and the UDAR party denounced an electoral campaign. Also the ruling pro-presidential Party of Regions admits the election will not be held in an ideal way

Kyiv – The Ukrainian parliamentary election is going to be held under an atmosphere of totally lack of confidence on a correct result, even if the electoral consultation is the most delicate political exam Ukraine never faced during last years.

According to the European Union, just a free and fair election could allow Ukraine to sign an Association Agreement: a document which fosters Kyiv economic integration with Europe.

The Association Agreement’s signature has been suspended by the European Commission in December 2011, following a wave of political repressions on opposition members and journalists led by Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych’s Administration.

During a public press conference, the ruling Party of Regions, which is supported by the Ukrainan President Viktor Yanukovych, admitted that fraud could happen during the election, but promised a strong reaction to all illegal acts.

According to the Party of Regions electoral campaign’s coordinator, Hanna Herman, the election “will not be held in an ideal way”, but the Party of Regions “will educate Ukrainian people in the respect of rules”.

Also the United Opposition “Fatherland”‘s electoral campaign’s coordinator Yuri Odarchenko is convicted that a fair election will not take place on Sunday, and sentenced that Yanukovych Presidential Administration will to modify the results during their transmission from pool stations to the central electoral committee.

Moreover, Odarchenko noticed that because of politically motivated arrests, the United Opposition “Fatherland”‘s main leaders – former Ukrainian PM Yulia Tymoshenko and former ministry of internal affairs Yuri Lutsenko – are not allowed to take part in the consultation, despite of their high notoriety.

Also the UDAR opposition party strongly criticized the Party of Regions for using public money to finance its electoral campaign. Moreover, UDAR leader Vitaliy Klychko, a former boxing world champion, denounced unfair economic and mediathic conditions between the pro-presidential Party of Regions and the other political forces.

On Sunday the 10/28 in Ukraine is going to be held an election to renew Ukrainian national parliament composition.

According to last opinion pools, the Party of Regions, which proposes the reach of an economic stability, and which is financed by the most powerful Ukrainian oligarchs, will lead the consultation.

The United Opposition “Fatherland” and the UDAR party, which promise to restore democracy and press freedom in Ukraine, and supports Kyiv rapprochement to the EU, are involved in a challenge for the second place.

The communist party, which actually is a governmental coalition’s member with the Party of Regions, is placed in fourth place.

The center-left wing party “Ukraine Ahead!” and the far-right wing party “Freedom” have less possibilities to overcome the 5% electoral quorum to enter in the parliament.

Matteo Cazzulani



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